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An all-European study conducted during 2008 – 2011 by the Aphekom project shows that, if the standards regarding traffic pollution, as set in WHO’s Air Qualities Guidelines, are attained in cities such as Bucharest, or Budapest, the life expectancy of people of 30 years of age will be increased by up to two years.

Such studies show that up to about 40% of the cases of coronary heart disease in old age and up to 25% of cases of asthma in youngsters, in polluted cities such as Barcelona (which has only about 3/4 of the traffic pollution levels of Bucharest), can be attributed to traffic air pollution. And this has clearly measurable dimensions in lost human lives and spending of public money. Exceeding the standards set in WHO Air Quality Guidelines on PM2.5 (a unit for measuring harmful particles in the air attributed to traffic) in 25 European cities with 39 million inhabitants results annually in:

  • 19,000 deaths;
  • 15,000 of them from cardiovascular diseases;
  • €31.5 billion in health and related costs.

Life expectancy

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