Partner of Chariot Motors in Sofia for the ultra capacitor e-bus pilot project is “Stolichen Elektrotransport” EAD, a professional operator of electric vehicles for 113 yaers, with huge experience with old and modern technology trams and trolleybuses. It is all the time looking for top technology solutions and expansion of the relative share of electric vehicles in the city of Sofia. “Stolichen Electrotransport” EAD has already performed “dry” tests of the vehicle loaded with sand bags, to simulate full load of passengers, and thus has tested the the brakes, accelleration, energy consumption levels, energy recuperation levels, distance range with one charge, etc. Based on this first-hand evidence, “Stolichen Electrotransport” EAD is optimistic that the pilot bus contains the promise to become the perfect solution in many ways:

The Chariot e-bus will start travelling city line #11 from Stochna Gara to Gara Iskar as a regular public transportation vehicle. The pilot will continue for up to 9 months, in order to test the behaviour of the e-bus throughout the various seasons and climatic conditions.

Providing a modern, reliable, safe and comfortable means of transportation, by replacing an average combustion engine public transportation bus employed by Sofia Municipality, the Chariot Motors e-bus is a real benefit to the citizens and guests of the capital city.

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