Chariot Motors

Chariot Motors Ltd. (“Chariot”), being fully aware of the urgent need to replace the polluting and heavy oil consuming city buses with clean and low cost energy new city-buses, has investigated the Chinese electric buses industry in order to detect potential advanced technologies which differs from the well-known existing, but highly problematic Li/Ion batteries (heavy-less passengers per bus; short lifespan; unsafe, efficiency reduction with temperature drop).

After studying of the Aowei technology, Chariot started to develop a new city bus, which would comply with the Western markets strict requirements and European mandatory homologation certification (EWVTA).
At the 1st stage, a 12 meters UC based e-bus was developed and already sent to Europe for a pilot.

Chariot conducted the market research on buses specifications definition, participated in the development and design of the bus, financed the European homologation tests, located the city for the pilot operation of the bus, and currently finances the bus manufacture, its charging stations, equipment and its maintenance as well.


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