Chariot e-bus


Chariot e-bus employs the cutting edge ultra-capacitor technology and features:

• a top quality, low floor monoquoce body, made by Higer, a Scania partner, probably the second biggest bus builder in the World;

• electric motor and controller supplied by Siemens (Germany);

• air cushions and brakes by WABCO (Germany); axles and steering by ZF (Germany);

• doors by BODE (Germany);

• and many more modern features , such as Wi-Fi, LCD displays, electric announcement boards etc.

Equipped with a second generation Aowei ultra-capacitor, Chariot e-bus is:

• capable to safely travel about 20 km with only one charging for 3-5 minutes at the terminal;

• a very economical means of transportation expected to consume about 1 kWh energy per km on average (fully loaded, with AC);

• recuperation of about 25% of the energy in the course of braking and/or descent;

• like every electric vehicle, extremely low maintenance cost due to absence of numerous, expensive-to-maintain systems (cooling, fuel, exhaust, air supply, oiling, gearbox, timing belts, etc.).

For its European launch in Sofia, the Chariot e-bus has passed hundreds of tests of the Uropean homologation.

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