Technology of the future


The newly developed e-bus of Chariot Motors, equipped with a 2nd generation Aowei ultra-capacitors (UC), is capable of covering, without any rout restrictions, over 20 kilometers on a single, 3-5 minute, charge at the terminal, consuming about 1kWh per kilometer! As Mr Peter Harrop, Chairman of IDTechEx Research Group, puts it …“it is very difficult to see how anyone can beat the Chinese in electric buses in the next 10 years” (Financial Times, 3-4 August 2013).


>> No batteries

Since late 19th century cities have started introducing trams, metros and trolleybuses, in their effort to reduce pollution, caused by widely used buses with combustion engines. However…


>> Ultracapacitors

The efforts to utilise and improve batteries-powered e-buses has displayed numerous downsides of this solution. Thus, the search for an alternative wireless electric solution…


>> Advantages

The seven-years extensive experience of Aowei has proven the huge benefits of the ultra capacitor e-bus technology…

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