Advantages of UC E-bus over diesel bus

The seven-years extensive experience of Aowei has proven the huge benefits of the ultra-capacitor (UC) e-bus technology:

• no expensive-to-build-and-maintain street infrastructure, as required infrastructure is inexpensive and one charging station at the end of one line can service all vehicles in this and a couple of other lines as well;

• no range limit per working day – as the UC e-buses can charge for a few minutes only during their stay in their final bus-stop/terminal and then drive along the whole route, they can just keep going around the clock with no range limit.

• No heavy batteries to increase the bus’s curb weight and minimize the allowed passengers load. Actually the 12 meters UC e-bus can carry as much as 90 passengers.

• no electric storage related costs: the life span of ultra-capacitors is about 3 times or more longer than of batteries, so no replacement is expected to be necessary during e-bus’s life span;

• no toxic substances, so accident and disposal at the end of life is not an issue and this saves huge potential environmental protection costs;

• no passenger risk, as ultra-capacitors are non-flammable, thus no risk of fires or explosions;

And, of course, no pollution to the local environment and low power consumption, which diminishes power-station-caused environmental pollution.


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